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Hotel telephone: 968 493 493

We welcome you to Hotel Puerto Juan Montiel ****

Then, we show you the regulations for the use of our facilities in accordance with the measures set out by the Spanish Government and the recommendations of the Spanish Tourist Quality Institute ICTE.

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- In compliance with the recommendations of the health authorities, we INDICATE that IF you present symptoms compatible with the virus COVID19 or fever on arrival, we recommend that you indicate this by phone and do not enter our facilities.
- If you experience symptoms during your stay, we recommend that, if you are in our establishment, you stay in your room and we immediately call 968 493 493 or from your room phone, by dialing 1009, we will tell you how to proceed. If you are away from our establishment, during your stay, do not log in again and let us know, please to indicate how to proceed.


- When you enter the hotel, wash your hands with hydroalcoholic gel.
- The use of masks is compulsory in the common areas, even on the terrace. Wear a mask that covers your mouth, nose and chin at all times, and avoid touching the mask while you are wearing it. Dispose of it properly. If you do not have a mask, you can purchase one at the hotel reception (1. 40 € per unit).


- The use of the mask is mandatory within the hotel facilities as well as in restaurants, on the move and as long as you are not at a table consuming.
- You will find the regulations to be applied when entering each stay in the hostel. Please respect the rules.
- Always keep the minimum permitted safety distance of 1.5 metres.
- Respect the maximum permitted capacities indicated for each zone.
- We recommend, as far as possible, not to touch pushbuttons or light mechanisms, railings or cranks directly and without protection, in case of contact, proceed to wash hands or disinfect with hydroalcoholic gel.
- We recommend not using the hotel's general slogan, except in situations in which it is not possible to leave your luggage in another safe place, such as in your room, during your stay, or in the boot of your vehicle, if you have i, upon your departure.


- The maximum capacity of the lifts is 1 person. Up to 4 people are allowed as long as they are from the same family unit.
- Try not to touch handrails, mirror and buttons. Push the buttons with the use of gloves or with the help of a key. Before and after activating button, clean your hands with hydroalcoholic gel or proceed to wash them.


- Avoid touching the railing or protect your hands with gloves.
- Keep an approximate safety distance of 4 steps.


- Due to the reduction in capacity established in accordance with current regulations, please make your reservation at check-in or before your meal with reception and consult the regulations in force for our buffet restaurant at the entrance.


- Due to the reduction in capacity established according to current regulations, the pool may have a reduced capacity, so you must request availability from the lifeguard.


- All rooms have been sanitized before entry. We recommend sanitizing your hands when entering your room. Then proceed to wash your hands.
- We recommend ventilating the room and using natural ventilation instead of air conditioning.
- Put the rubbish in the bin, the waitress will remove the rubbish daily always in your absence.
- The mini-bar is out of use at this stage. You can go to our Terrace with sea views.
- If you need technical assistance from our maintenance team, please request it at the reception desk at 1009 from your room phone. In the case of assistance, review your request in your absence and solved your request, we will proceed with a disinfection of the room with steam at 120 º C.
- In your room and in the facility, you will find the evacuation plans in case of evacuation from the hotel. In case of evacuation, please follow the instructions given by the hotel staff. Always use the emergency staircase and never the lift.
- In your room and in the facility, you will find the evacuation plans in case of evacuation of the hotel. In the event of an evacuation, please observe the instructions given by the hotel staff. Always use the emergency ladder and never the elevator.


- All rooms are sanitized with steam at 120C, textiles and mattresses before arrival.
- At the exit of the room of each customer, a deep disinfection is carried out with authorized products, as well as ventilation of the room and rest time, washing of pillows, bedding and mattress covers at 80C.
- The common areas and contact areas (railings, mechanisms, elevators, cranks ...) are frequently disinfected.


- We have a 24-hour reception service. In case you need to contact us, you can call the reception at 968 493 493 or from your room phone, by dialing 1009 or go to the hotel reception.


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